Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall's Almost Here

In 18 days Fall will be here. Right now it's not feeling too much like it. The heat has come back - yuck!. I'm sooo ready for the slightly warm sunny days and cool, crisp nights. I've been looking at the trees and many of them are beginning to change. Over at Magical Holiday Home we were talking about what we love about the season. Here was my response:

"...I love the colors that fall brings. Something about the colors really awakens something in me. I get energized and just want to do all kinds of things - from cooking to cleaning, spending time with family and friends to spending quite time alone. I love the rustling sounds of the leaves under my feet, the smell of the neighbors fireplaces in the air, cozying up on the sofa with soft light while scented candles fill the rooms of pumpkin, apples and cinnamon and other spices. I love to drive through the neighborhoods in the morning on my way to work and look at the big beautiful old trees and the vibrant fall colors of the leaves...the people out there raking them up on a Saturday afternoon... stuffing them in pumpkin trash bags. I love to get up in the morning and sit out on my balcony with a cup of hot chocolate and just listen to the birds sing their final tunes or watch the squirrls gather their food before going into hibernation for the winter months and watching flocks of geese flying overhead heading to warmer climates. All these things and everything you ladies have mentioned are what makes me fall in love with fall."

Aaahh! I just love this time of year. (gjggling)

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