Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HGP Week Seven - Guest Room

I have been having a time with this room (Been working on this room for weeks).

I am telling you the truth when I say it is a complete disaster. When I first moved into my apartment (10 yrs ago) I only had 2 nephews (ages 7 & 8) and 1 niece (age 11) with 2nd niece on the way (There's a total of 6 now). I had the room done so nicely for them. They had bunk beds (twin with full on bottom) with matching bedding, and everything a child could have in there. I had even stenciled a nice border around the room. That's how much time they spent with me (every weekend and vacation).

Then I got rid of the bunkbeds when they became teens and just had a full size bed in there. They weren't visiting as much (You know how teens get LOL) and the room was still pretty nice. Then I sold the bed last year and that's when my problem began.

(Mind you this closet only house my summer attire.
My winter closets look way better)

I have managed to get some cleaning done so the room does look a little better. (Will post pics when room is completely finished)

  • Cleaned windows
  • Replaced summer curtains with winter curtains
  • Hung fall wreaths in windows with electric candles
  • Organized closet (went through summer wardrobe and shoes)
  • Donated old printer and barely used scanner to Salvation Army
  • Started washing large bags of laundry
  • Sorted through and shredded paper piles

 Still to do:

Finish laundry
Finish laundry
Finish laundry

I have way too many pieces of clothing. Then there's bedding, bath and kitchen linens...
After the holidays I want to get rid of the mismatch furniture and make the room into a kind of lounge/guest room.


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