Friday, October 16, 2009

Holiday Magical Homes - Fall Tour Of Homes 2009

Welcome to my little home!

Come on in! I love when people come to visit.

Step into my foyer/hall. Can I hang up your jacket?

Make yourself cozy. Come on in to the livingroom.

Would you like to watch the Ravens game with me while I get lunch ready?

    (The tv is hidding in the armoire.)

See these candle holders?

I bought them from Dollar Tree several years ago and I kid you not when i say that I just noticed that they have Halloween figures on them. Heehee.

Would you like to freshen up before lunch.

Lunch is ready. Shall we move to the dining room? Today's menu, "Surf & Turf Burgers w/spicy caramelized mayo and onion rings". Yumm, yumm

(Please have a seat)

I love these little salad plates. I bought them from Walmart several years ago (set of 4). Each plate is a different color (cream, green, burgundy, brown).   The dinner plates are also from Walmart.

(Each plate is sitting on gold chargers which I embellished by hotgluing silk leaves around the border. I also embellished the napkin holders by gluing pieces of faux berries to it.)

Like the little tealight holders.  I found them at Target in the $1 Spot section about two or three years ago.  These are so cute.

I am so glad you came to visit me. We should do this again. Maybe at your place next time. 

I had so much fun today. Boy I'm pooped. I think I'll get ready for bed.

(I love my little mantle)

I hope you enjoyed visiting with me today.  Bye Bye.

P.S.  Click here to see my balcony.


teachermomof2 said...

Aggy~your house looks great for fall! I love your dining room. It looks so warm and inviting.


fallingforwinter said...

Everything looks beautiful and so welcoming! Great job and thanks for the great ideas.

Carrie said...

So very pretty!!! Love all your fall decor... especially the bathroom and your front door.

Shutterbugs said...

Your place looks great, Aggy! I especially like the bathroom. so festive! Pattycakes from MHH

Luludou said...

Love it! everything is so classy and the colors so warm.