Monday, October 5, 2009

26 Days To Halloween. Will You Be Ready?

This past weekend I attended a surprise birthday party. My bestfriend's daughter had Casino night for her boyfriend to celebrate his 22nd birthday.  It was a nice turnout.

My bestfriend and her husband love Halloween. They host a party every year and each year gets better and better.  About two weeks ago my best friend told me that they had started putting up their deocrations. Here's what they did outside:

I can't wait for the Halloween party. I wanted to dress up as a swamp lady but never got around to making my costume.  So I will have to purchase one.

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Ali said...

Ha! Those decorations are great! I especially love the stack of pumpkins. You can't get anything like that here in England as its not a holiday they observe.

Boy do I ever miss a good old North American Halloween (and Thanksgiving and Christmas....)