Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Today's Trip to Dollar Tree


Today I decided to go to Dollar Tree, just to see what they might have.  I had been to several Dollar Trees in the last few day but wasn't finding much in fall decor.  In every Dollar Tree I visited, everything was nearly gone. If I were planning to decorate for Halloween or have a Halloween party, I wouldn't have a problem whatsoever as there are isles of decorations, party supplies and costume accessories there.

I really didn't want to have to spend a lot of money at Michael's or AC Moore, so I said I would try one more Dollar Tree. Let me tell you I am so glad I went.  I don't know why but they were just putting out their fall decorations. I found everything I needed and some things I wasn't looking for but wanted.

See the mess all over my dining table?  I cannot wait to start decorating!  I found garland, pumpkins, silk sunflowers and other floral/berry bushes, twig wreaths, acorns, burlap ribbon, glitter leaves, even some small bales of hay.  Oh and these cute owl ornament.

I bought six (Think I will go back to get six more).  These are going on my Autumn tree, an idea I got from Pinterest.

How about these adorable acorn salt and pepper shakers?  Could not believe these were in Dollar Tree (They also had owl salt/pepper shakers). They will go nicely with my table settings.

Even the pumpkins are cute and colorful this year...not just plain old orange.  These are going on the shelf above my television. I'm not sure if I want to cut off the top and fill with flowers or leave them as is.  Still deciding.

Yes!!! I am very happy about today's findings.  When I'm done in here, my little palace is going to look so pretty.  Time to pull out the totes.

Stay tuned!


Lucie said...

What else is there to say. wish we had that stuff around here... the owls and pumpkins are EXACTLY what I'd like too!

Aggy said...

Lucie you can order on line. And now they ship overseas.