Friday, September 9, 2016

Look What Followed Me Home

On my drive through the counties on Labor Day, I stopped in several Walmarts.  Just looking around for some fall inspiration and picking up a few things I needed at home.  

As I stroll through the garden center area I see all the pretty potted mums. I love mums.  To me, it's a symbol that fall will soon be here.  


Along the fence there were more mums sitting on metal shelves with a sign above that said "clearance" so I mosey over to see how much they were on sale for.  I picked up these two beauties for $1.97 ea.  They're big and full and so colorful. Not sure why they are marked clearance because they look just fine to me.  Now tell me!  Do you see anything wrong with these mums? 

This weekend I plan to go back to the Walmart that had these on sale.  I hope there are some left as I want to get two more.  My idea is to place them outside my front door.  Hmmm, I may get four and put two out on the balcony.

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