Monday, September 28, 2009

Extra, Extra!

For the second year, Magical Holiday Home will do another "Virtual Fall Tour of Homes", hosted by the lovely Cathymac.   Here we show off our beautiful Fall and Halloween decorations.  For more information check here. The showing starts October 16th so you have plenty of time.

You don't have to be a member of MHH to participate (though you're always welcome to join our forum). So come on! Show us your best decor or stop by and take a peak at what others have done for the season. You may find some wonderful ideas you would like to try yourself.

As Promised....

A few pictures of my balcony.



My little bistro set.
(If you look closely you can see my neighbors house through the trees)

A closer look.
(Oh ignore the bucket under the table Hahaha)

I like to keep a cooler out here for when guests come over and we're sitting on the balcony. Easy access to beverages. Got the cushions last year at WalMart. The wreath hanging above is a grapevine wreath that I wrapped with fall print ribbon and added a large floral pick (all items from Dollar Tree).

I draped faux leaf garland and orange lights across the railing and hanging above are my candle chandaliers.  There's also a pair of smaller grapevine wreaths hanging on the outside of the railing.

My best friend found these potted arrangements at a yard sale last year and gave me two after much begging. For 8 she paid $2.00.  Also in this corner is where my floor lamp stands but I broke it cleaning so I have to purchase a new one. Clumsy me!

Let me tell you I spent several hours on this balcony.  It was so dirty (yuck). I swept the outdoor rug what seemed like for days. Plus there was what looked like the start of a behive above the window that I had to knock down. In the ten years I've lived here, I have never seen a behive on my balcony. Then there were these brown and green beetle looking bugs crawling on the wall.  I tell you I can't wait for it to get cool.

Anyways, after all is said and done my balcony looks great. I'm thinking about dressing up the balcony with some outdoor curtains. Maybe, just on the far ends.

Week Five - Master Bathroom/Linen Closet

This week it's time to get that bathroom in order.

Not to toot my own horn but I took care of my bathroom a few weeks ago.  I was antsy to get my fall-color bath towels and shower curtains up that I couldn't hold off any longer.  This weekend I gave the tub, toilet and sink it's weekly deep cleaning. I also wipe them down regularly during the week. Then I swept and moped the floor. Shook the bathroom rugs and placed them back on the floor.

Today I will stop by the rental office and notify them that the tiles have once again come loose from the floor.  This is the second time the tiles have come loose. I really would like a new floor. I hate all those little tiles. They are a big pain.

As for the linen closet the only part that needs organization is the floor area. I have 6 small crates lined across the floor (purchased from Dollar Tree) which holds everything from cleaning stuff for the bathroom and kitchen to laundry detergent.  Lately when I go to put stuff back I just drop them anywhere. So the floor looks messy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week Four HGP - Master Bedroom

The year is quickly going by. Can you believe September is almost over and next week October begins? I've been working my little heart out getting ready for the holidays.

All week long I have been working on the Master Bedroom as part of the Holiday Grand Plan countdown.

[x]clean windows
[ ]set up electric candles in windows (Oct. 1st)
[x ]take down summer curtains wash and put away; put up new curtains
[x] vacuum carpet
[x] polish furniture
[x] wipe down baseboards
[x] organized closets
[x] put heavier linen on bed
[x] clear paper pile off bench at foot of bed
[x] throw out fireplace screen
[x] purchase fall-tone candles
[x] dry-clean faux mink throw blanket

Last week I purchased several panels found on sale at KMart. I hung them higher up on the wall, covering the entire width of the wall/windows. They are burgundy (looks like linen) and a little heavy which will help block out the cold. Then underneath those panels I hung gold sheers. Because I live in an apartment I'm not allowed to paint (Well I can but I'd have to change it back if I move, and I'm lazy so...).  Hanging the panels this way gives the look of a painted wall.

My bedroom looks so romantic. I look forward to coming home after work and walking into that room.

You know I had to add some touches of fall. I have autumn-tone candles displayed all around the room, faux leaf garland draped over the mantle and a little pumpkin on the dresser. I was thinking of draping leaf garland from the curtains, but I'm not sure. I don't want to go overboard and the rooms starts looking too busy. I'd never get any sleep LOL!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn!

In 3 minutes Fall is officially here (5:19). Unfortunaty here in Maryland it is hot. Well I have some things to do but I will be back tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week Three of HGP

This week is the Entry/Foyer.  My foyer is pretty small and I had worked on it back in August so it's in pretty good shape.  On Sunday I just had to sweep and mop the floor and shake out the small rug.  Then I put up my fall decorations. I also decorated my living room.  Things are looking pretty good. I promise this week I am going to post pictures. 

Not everyone at MHH has a foyer so they are taking this week to work on other areas of the home or plan holiday events, do crafting and such. That's what I like about this group, you can work at your own pace. Make the plan in a way that suits your needs.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Beautiful Day

I just wanted to show you a picture of a beautiful day.
(That building you see is Kmart. My office is right behind it.)

On Thursday I was walking back to my job from the shopping center (I was on my break) when I looked up and noticed how pretty the sky was looking. It was a cool mid-morning, fall-feeling day. Then I remembered I had my G1 phone in my pocket. So I pulled it out and took a picture of the pretty sky.

HGP Week Two - Livingroom/Question

The week is nearly over and I have totally neglected cleaning my livingroom.  Plus I still need to post pictures of my balcony (before & after).  Fortunately I don't have a lot to do because I started early in August. 

Okay, so here's my plan for the next two days:
  • vacuum carpet
  • vacuum sofa and chairs
  • polish furniture
  • clean patio doors/windows (inside)
  • put up fall decorations
It's been raining since late last night and the weather has been a little blistery since Thursday afternoon. This kind of weather keeps me indoors so I know I will be able to get the livingroom done.  All I have to do is turn on some smooth jazz and I'm all set.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the hits on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and the plane (United Flight 93) that crashed in Pennsylvania. In Honor of those precious lives lost, and those who were there helping, risking their lives to save others, I pay tribute.