Monday, September 28, 2009

As Promised....

A few pictures of my balcony.



My little bistro set.
(If you look closely you can see my neighbors house through the trees)

A closer look.
(Oh ignore the bucket under the table Hahaha)

I like to keep a cooler out here for when guests come over and we're sitting on the balcony. Easy access to beverages. Got the cushions last year at WalMart. The wreath hanging above is a grapevine wreath that I wrapped with fall print ribbon and added a large floral pick (all items from Dollar Tree).

I draped faux leaf garland and orange lights across the railing and hanging above are my candle chandaliers.  There's also a pair of smaller grapevine wreaths hanging on the outside of the railing.

My best friend found these potted arrangements at a yard sale last year and gave me two after much begging. For 8 she paid $2.00.  Also in this corner is where my floor lamp stands but I broke it cleaning so I have to purchase a new one. Clumsy me!

Let me tell you I spent several hours on this balcony.  It was so dirty (yuck). I swept the outdoor rug what seemed like for days. Plus there was what looked like the start of a behive above the window that I had to knock down. In the ten years I've lived here, I have never seen a behive on my balcony. Then there were these brown and green beetle looking bugs crawling on the wall.  I tell you I can't wait for it to get cool.

Anyways, after all is said and done my balcony looks great. I'm thinking about dressing up the balcony with some outdoor curtains. Maybe, just on the far ends.

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fallingforwinter said...

It looks wonderful. You have inspired me to decorate my patio. It needs a good cleaning though! Thanks for the great ideas.