Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ready For Fall

Hope everyone in the USA enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend.  I know I sure did.

This weekend was so lovely.  The weather was awesome...actually felt like fall had arrived.  For the entire weekend, I could keep the AC off and just open all the windows and allow the cool breeze to flow through my little palace.  It was actually cold one morning when I woke up.  It felt great!  Unfortunately the heat is coming back today. Grrrr

Since the weather was nice I just had to take a drive. I was looking for color changes of the leaves, but didn't see any.  It's okay, though. I know they're coming.

I love to drive the back roads through several counties.  Just me with the windows down. Cruising the winding roads while contemporary jazz plays softly in the background. Sometimes I get as far as Hanover, PA where my brother lives.  The scenery is really beautiful in autumn. Something about driving over bridges and seeing nothing but water and trees, is very soothing to me.  Not to mention seeing horses, cows and even buffalo grazing on the grasses or the huge rolls of hay laying all over the fields.  Oh, and corn stalks as far as the eyes can see.  I mean they are everywhere lol.  Sometimes a few horses will graze close to the road.  So naturally I pull over, grab my phone and take a few pictures.  In my travels if I see a stand selling fresh produce, I'll stop and buy some strawberries, or corn on the cob, or tomatoes from the farmers.  I like to support our local farmers.  

On occasion I will call my BFF if I'm driving in her neck of the woods and we'll meet up to have lunch at Richardson's Farms. The food there is always fresh and so delicious. On a chilly fall day, I like to indulge in one of their potpies. Mmm-mmm so good and warms the body too.  They have an area right inside their greenhouse where we sit and chat and admire the view of hills and trees with all their pretty fall colors.  Afterwards, we walk around the greenhouse, checking out the pretty plants and flowers and decorative displays.

Sometimes I spend an entire day out driving.  I absolutely love it!  My dad used to take us on Sunday drives when I was a kid and I guess it stayed with me.  Ooh and driving back home as the sun is starting to set is truly a thing of beauty.  At the end of the day, I feel so good.  Nature is truly amazing. 

Ah, yes.  Autumn, I can't wait for you to finally get here.

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Lucie said...

Yes Autumn! Hasn't started here yet... it is still hot and humid. Can't wait for it.