Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's Officially Fall


Yes, it's finally here despite the fact temperatures reached today were 80-83 and tomorrow, is expected to be 86.  On the plus side, I noticed the leaves are finally starting to change colors.

Just in time fall decorations are up and I must say it's looking pretty nice around these parts. Feel free to take the tour.

Okay, so we begin at the front door.  (I really wish my door was a different color)

I usually drape garland down the stairs of the stairs as well but I ran out.  Those are the mums I purchased  couple of weeks ago.  The flowers are starting to shrink up which means I'll be purchasing new ones in the near future. I also put two standing scarecrows out there. As an afterthought I decided to add a few faux pumpkins (not shown).

Once you enter my little palace, you notice I dressed up the coat closet...I had to since it's the first thing you see when you walk in lol.   The wreaths hanging above are kind of small (from Dollar Tree). My original plan was to dress them up but I changed my mind.  I didn't want to not use them so I just threw them up there.  A couple of swags I bought from Dollar Tree years ago were re-purposed from bedroom doors and hung on the door knobs.

Once inside make a quick left and Bam! The foyer.

I filled a glass vase with miniature pumpkins.  Then I stuck in a couple of berry bushes and a scarecrow pick.  FYI, the raffia was already on the vase. 

See my little Harvest sign I bought from Walmart a few years ago.  It was plain until I dressed it up by hot-gluing a miniature pumpkin, scarecrow and leaves to it.  This sign has been re-purposed all over my little palace.  

Last but not least, I filled a metal wired basket with scented pinecones and wrapped some garland around the base.  A nice spice scent greets you as you walk through the front door.  Mmmm mmm!

Now we move into the livingroom. (I didn't do much decorating in this area.)

Here's a closer look at the shelf.  

The candlesticks and vase are there year round.  I just changed out the candles and added a few branches. The grapevine wreath usually hangs on the doors of my armoir but I choose to use it here this go round.  I really would like a nice piece of art hanging there but haven't found 'that one' yet.  

Remember the pumpkins I showed you from my big Dollar Tree score?  Well here they are. I spaced them out with some battery operated tealights.  So cute! 

For either side of the television I borrowed two of the candle stands that normally sit in the diningroom and changed out the candles with some fall colored ones.  And for an added touch, some potted mums.

I also dressed up the side table.  One of my fall trees was to sit here, but I changed my mind on that idea too. Instead I filled a metal bowl with faux pumpkins, gourds and leaves.  

Now in the diningroom, it's a different story. I went all out in this area.

The table looks pretty much like it did last year, except for the centerpiece I recently made.  It goes  nicely with the other decorations.  

My buffet is looking pretty spiffy too. 

I added this beautiful fabric only today.  Came across it shopping in Walmart. The candles I picked up a few years ago from you know where. They each have a leaf embossed on the front. 

Did you notice how I wrapped the lamps with garland. Cute right?  It's not shown in these photos but at the base of one of the lamps I created a vignette using small pumpkins, pinecones and a small bale of hay (Thank you Pinterest). I'm thinking of adding a small scarecrow  to perch on top of the hay.  

Now for my master piece. This is the part I've been waiting to show off.  My autumn tree.

I'm so proud of myself.  This is the first time I've ever done one.  

I covered the entire tree with leaf garland, then added the cute owls I bought a week ago.  To finish it off I filled in any spaces with sunflowers, crab apples and glittery leaves.  I even made the tree topper.  I just put together some leaf and berry bunches with feathers and grass, and tied them up with cute fall ribbon.

It's even prettier with the lights on.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find that this tree was pre-lit.  This is the tree I bought on clearance last year for $5. 

Well I'm going to stop here as I am getting tired. I'll come back tomorrow with the rest of the tour.  Stay tuned.

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