Thursday, October 22, 2009

HGP Week 8 - Kitchen

This week is Kitchen Week at OC and MHH. I pulled everything from my cabinets. First I threw out all expired ingredients then added them to my shopping list.  Had a lot of mis-matched dishes and  dish sets that I was no longer using so I gave them either to a family member or out in the trash they went. Now I have plenty of space which is great because my kitchen is small and space is limited.

I took all the summer kitchen towels, potholders and dishcloths, washed and put them away.  Then I removed the kitchen rugs and threw them out. I had them for quite a while. They were old and a little raggedy. Will have to buy new ones next spring. Next I gave the floor a good cleaning. 

The fridge and freezer had been cleaned out months ago. Each week when I cook Sunday dinner I make a large amount then take half and put into the freezer to have during the month of December.  It will get extremely busy and I will not have time to prepare any meals.

This weekend I will wipe down the walls. I'd really like to get my kitchen painted again.

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Carrie said...

You have been a busy lady. I had grand hopes of doing the grand plan this year but got it never happened :(

Love your blog.