Monday, October 5, 2009

HGP Week Six - Kid's Rooms

Week six brings us to the kids rooms. For me this is a free week as I am kid-free. Then again it's not really free. There are things that I can do like tackle the laundry. You would not believe the bags of laundry I have accumulated - and it's just me, no one else.  I have way too many clothes! Not only are there clothes, but bed sheets, bath and kitchen linens. Then I recently took the summer chair covers off my dining chairs and removed the summer curtains from the windows.  With that being said I have made it a goal to get every last bit of laundry done by the end of this week.

This week I plan to take more pictures of my fall decorations for the Fall Tour of Homes. The tour starts next week (the 16th).  I have a bit a fall everywhere - before you enter my home, all the way to the balcony area.

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