Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have a funny story to share.

Yesterday I had plans to spend the evening in with my boyfriend watching movies and snacking on popcorn and maybe drink a beer or two.  I finally made it home after stoping for the movies, popcorn and icecream (Icecream was a last minute decision).  I was sitting in the diningroom when all of a sudden I heard a noise coming from my kitchen. At first I thought is was a mouse but then I though the noise was louder than normal and a mouse doesn't make that much of a fuss. I got scared and jumped up. As I did I saw a large. gray object jump down from my stove. It was a freakin squirrel. I was petrified. I ran downstairs to my neighbors and asked to use her phone to call maintenance. Lucikly my neighbors son was home and he went to check out what was in my apartment. Sure enough, a squirrel. My neighbor's son said when he entered my apartment, the squirrel was sitting by the patio door but ran when it saw him. So he opened the patio door and moments later the squirrel ran out. Now let me just say that I live on the third (top) level of my apartment building. So how he left my balcony is anyone's guess.

I was still downstairs with my neighbor when her son came back. He told me that the squirrel was gone but left a message that it would be back. All I could do was laugh. The messed up part is maintenance never showed up. First thing this morning I called the renatl office. The manager said that it would be done today.  I had asked them to close up that hole behind my stove  weeks ago and they had yet to comply.

I can laugh now but I was scared to death because I know that when squirrels feel they are in danger, they can bite. I could have been in bed sleep with a freakin squirrel roaming about. Needless to say I was no longer in the mood for watching movies.  I told my boyfriend about it when he got there and all he could do was laugh.  He said it's because it's getting chilly, they are looking for a warm place.  My question is how in the H--- the squirel got into the walls of the building in the first place?

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Leann said...

Too funny! We had a family of them roaming our office building this summer! I don't like mice let alone something that looks like a bigger version!!!!

So I know where you are coming from.

Thanks for stopping by today!