Thursday, September 23, 2010


For weeks I have been getting my palace ready for my favorite season: Autumn.  Today I must say it doesn't feel like fall.  It is hot as heck here in ole Maryland. 

In decorating for Fall, I tried to do things a little different this year.  For instance I bought a new shower curtain and bath towels for the bathroom. I love this new shower curtain (from Ross').  It looks so rich.  I was surprised to find such a nice shower curtain.  I usually buy curtain panels because most shower curtains I see do not appeal to me.   I want to repaint the walls but haven't found the color I want yet.

I found this poster in Dollar Tree a few years ago.  I love it in the bathroom because the colors go great with my fall decor.  I recently got the frame for it in KMart.  The frame was on sale at 2 for 1.  I paid $10 for two of these frames.  The other one is in my guest room.

In the master bedroom I bought a new comforter set.  I love my new comforter.  I looked for over a year for the right style, fabric, texture and color and finally found it in a store I rarely go to - Macy's.  It was so funny when I saw it in the store.  It was like all of a sudden everything around me went dark and it was just me and a light shining down on the comforter.  I've only had the moment one other time and that was when I bought my first car. Heehee

I love having the curtains going all the way across the wall.  It adds color to the room and makes the wall look taller than it is. The big plus is in winter, it blocks out the cold.

I also dressed up the mantle.  I love candles. I have them everywhere in my little palace. 

The fall topiaries sit on my tall dresser chests.  Last year I had them on the mantle but thought they look better here.  (I hate that antenna.)

In the livingroom I tried to added more color.  I replaced my old and worn white lampshades with burgundy ones and bought toss pillows for the white sofa. 

And of course... More candles...

I brought this table out from the guest room. I really like it here next to the chair.  Plus it gave me a place to put my pumpkin arrangement.  To think it was on its way to the dumpster. 

The dining room has had some changes too.  I got rid of the glass curio and bar that sat in the corners.  I had to make room for the buffett that I'm getting from IKEA. 

So that it doesn't look so empty in the corner I moved the plant stand from the foyer to display a vase filled with twigs and candles.

The dining table too soon will be replaced, however I still wanted to dress it up for the season.  I even purchased some new glass goblets for the table.  They are so pretty. I got them from Dollar Tree.  What's more is they are not thin, flimsy glasses at all. 

I won't put on the burgundy chair covers until it gets a little cooler. 

My palace isn't yet quite complete. There are a few more things I need to do.  So this weekend, if the weather cools down like the weather people say, I'm going to set up a display outside my front door. 
I cleaned the balcony a few weekends ago and it too is ready for decorating. 



Anonymous said...

Your decorations look so great. You have such a cozy looking home.

ladybugsmom said...

Love those Dollar Tree glasses, we used ours last night along side my $14.00 harvest dinnerware set from the Christmas tree Shop. Now I've got my eye on some BH&G chargers at Walmart. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they will still be there at clearance time!!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love your decor, it looks wonderful !