Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall Crafts

Good morning. Been awake since 5 a.m., like I'm getting ready for work.  Funny. If this was a workday, I would have struggled to get out of bed.

Any who, yesterday I started putting up my fall decorations.  I spent the entire day crafting and decorating.  Only thing left to do is set up my fall trees and decorate outside my front door.  So far I'm very happy how everything's looking so far.  I do need to get back to that Dollar Tree for a few more things.  I used nearly all the garland I bought inside... they were to be used outside.  Once everything is the way I want it, I will post the results.  But here are some of the crafts I worked on.

This centerpiece is sitting on the dining table.  Everything used to make this, with the exception of the candle, came from Dollar Tree.

1. foam wreath
2. sunflower bunches
3. crab apple bunches
4. glue gun
5. glue sticks
6. orange burlap ribbon (not shown here)
7. glitter leaves (also not shown)
8. cylinder glass vase (not shown)
9. 6" white pillar candle (Walmart)

I found this idea on Pinterest.  However, it's just a photo.  No instructions on how to create this centerpiece.  So I just eyeballed it (which is how I do most of my crafts).

First I wrapped the foam wreath with the burlap ribbon

 Then I added the sunflowers, clustering them in threes around the wreath.

Finally I filled in the space with crab-apples and glitter leaves, leaving some of the burlap exposed.

And that's all there is to it. Looks really nice on my table.

My next, easy craft was a couple of wreaths.  Again everything used to make these were $1 items and came from Dollar Tree, with the exception of the scarecrow (Walmart $.98)

1, twig wreath
2. floral bunches
3. fall ribbon
4. scarecrow pick
5. glue gun
6. glue sticks

First I wrapped part of the wreath with ribbon.  Then I glued the scarecrow on one side. And lastly, I glued flowers along the bottom.

End result:

This masterpiece is going to hang over the mirror in the master bedroom.  Not sure where the other wreath is going just yet. Hmmm maybe in the kitchen.

Finally this little beauty was so quick and simple.  Just my type of craft.

I just wrapped some leftover orange burlap ribbon around a glass candle holder.  Then glued silk leaves to the burlap and some berries that broke off a berry garland I have.  Just to think, I was about to toss them into the trash.

To finish it off, I inserted this votive candle that I picked up from Dollar Tree (2 per pack).

Well that's all for now.  Since we're not gathering today to watch football, I'm going to set up my tree and get started on my front door area and catch my Ravens at home.  I hope they win tonight.  Go Ravens!!!

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