Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shopping Excursion

I don't have to work my second job tonight so later today I'm heading to Walmart and Dollar Tree. I had plan to go yesterday but instead I went to my second job. It pays double time when you work on your off days and the extra money will come in handy.

I want to get those cushions for the chairs on my balcony. They have the fall colors - pumpkin, green, and cranberry. I also will be looking for a flag to hang on the dividing wall and maybe a nice fall sign. Because I sit out there a lot I'm going to also put a small lamp on a table to use at night. I was in a Dollar Tree briefly and they had a whole isle of Halloween stuff. A person could clean up in there on decorations and party supplies. I couldn't really look around to see if the Halloween candy was out. I called my bestfriend to tell her to get there quick because very soon people are going to hit those shelves. During the fall I love to eat a mixture of honey roasted peanuts, candy corn and m&m chocolate candies - yummmy! I keep a jar on my desk at work for my co-workers too. They love it.

I've been looking for some faux silk curtains for my bedroom and livingroom. I've been to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, K-Mart and Walmart. It's wearing me out. Either the price is a bit too high or they don't have the color I want or if they do have the color, there may be one or two panels - I need five for the livingroom. I won't even waste my time looking in a department store because I know I'm not paying those prices. I really like the look of those faux silk curtains. I hope I find them soon.

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Carrie said...

Your balcony are sounds like it will be nice... very cozy!! I like the idea of a lamp for evenings.

Oh, I love the Dollar Tree.